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Congrats, AJ!!
(8/9/2019)- The 2019 season has been a season to forget for the Frantz Racing Team, and this past Friday night, the hardship continued. 
   Paul started on the pole in his heat race, and at the race's end he would finish sixth.  A little confused he stated:" I didn't expect to drop like that.  I thought we could make a run for that heat win.  We'll make some changes for the feature and see what we can do."
   Paul's dad Russ, along with a host of others, discussed some changes and went to work to make the car better.  The Associated Chiropractic/Haines Exxon #112 started from the eighteenth position for the 35 Lap race.  Paul was able to gain a few spots early, but spun to avoid an incident forcing him back to the rear.  When the green waved for the restart, Paul again started passing cars.  He was closing in on the top ten only to fall back a few spots due to contact from another car.  Just past the halfway point of the race, disaster struck.  While coming out of turn two, a car spun in front of Frantz.  He turned toward the infield to attempt to avoid the spinning car but was unsuccessful.  Paul wound up getting airborne and finally came to rest in the infield just inside turns three and four. 
   After catching his breath and taking a look at the car, a dejected Frantz made the trip back to the pits. 
   "We didn't need this.  I thought I had him missed.  Next thing I knew, I was in the air.  I'm not sure what all is bent. 
   We'll have to get it home and take the car apart and look it over.  That's how racing goes sometimes.  I just wish we could find some good luck" Paul stated with a forced smile. 
     Right now, the remainder of the season is uncertain.  The team will evaluate the car, and see about funding for the last two races.  The hope is to get it back together for the next race September 6, and have Paul's dad Russ come out of retirement and race the car.
Paul added:"I hope we can get it back together, and find sponsorship for the next race.  I would really like to see Dad race again, and to do it in this car.  AJ(Paul's son) wants a chance to see his pappy in a car, and I feel it would only make the car better for me."
   Frantz is looking for additional sponsorship to finish out the 2019 season.
(7/21/19)- The old saying goes,"If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."  Well, according to Paul Frantz, he would take no luck right now. 
   Paul and the Frantz Racing Team went into this week's event with high hopes.  Twin twenty-five lap races were on the schedule, and the team felt very confident they could wind up in victory lane in at least one of them.  That was not to be.
   Due to his last place finish the first race, Paul started the Associated Chiropractic/Haines Exxon #112 from the pole position.  He quickly took the lead and was comfortably there until the caution waved on lap three.  On the restart, he fell back and while trying to hold on to third, he spun out after some contact with another car.  The end result was a seventh place finish. 
   As he came off the track, he noticed the car not going into gear properly.  Crew chief Russ Frantz, looked over the car and determined the clutch had gone bad, causing the team to load up the car and end their evening. 
   An obviously dejected Frantz stated: "I don't know what we need to do to catch a break.  We really thought we were leaving here with a win tonight.  Now, I don't know if we will make the next race.  With the rules in place, we have to buy three tires each race, and the funds aren't there right now.  Hopefully, we can find some sponsorship to make the August 9th race.  There is plenty of room on the car to put someone's name, and this team has a lot of potential."
(6/15/19)- Weather finally cooperated, and the Frantz Racing Team was anxious to get the 2019 season at Evergreen Raceway started.  "For the first time in fifteen years, we had the car ready for practice and haven't been able to get it out of the garage due to rain.  I'm really  excited for the season.  I think we have a car that can run up front"; Frantz stated.
Eighteen cars were on hand for the 75 Lap event.  Paul started ninth in his heat race and finished eighth which would have him starting sixteenth for the feature.  He said after the heat:"I didn't want to abuse the tires in the heat.  We are all in the show, so save them for when it counts.  Dad is going to make some changes, and hopefully the car gets even better."
   At the drop of the green, Paul started making his way toward the front in the Associated Chiropractic, Haines Exxon #112.  By lap ten, he was running in the top ten.  Unfortunately, it was short lived.  Some cars had to check up and Paul got into the car in front of him causing the car to spin out.  No damage was done to the car, so Paul rejoined the rear of the field.  Paul rode there behind three time Evergreen Champion Matt Hirschman for a while.  As the laps were clicking off, Paul started passing cars again.  He worked his way up near the top ten once again. 
   Entering turn one on lap forty-one, a car two positions in front of Paul spun out.  Paul hit the brakes hard and spun his car to try and avoid contact, but he was unable.  He drove away from the accident and headed pit-side.  The crew changed the right rear tire and were ready to send Paul back on the track when Paul's dad Russ noticed damage to the rear end housing ending the night for Paul , and relegating him to an eighteenth place finish.
   "We can't catch a break.  I wasn't even pushing the car.  I was half throttle almost the entire time.  I was just trying to save the tires for the last twenty-five thirty laps to make a run to the front.  The car rolled through the corner pretty well, and came off the corner great.  Each car I passed, I really didn't put much effort into it.  I guess I should have stayed right with Hirschman and went when he did.  The changes Dad made were great.   I just hope the rear isn't bent too bad"; a dejected Frantz stated.
   Next up for the Frantz Racing Team, is Friday night July 19 at Evergreen Raceway.  Twin 25 Lap features for the modifieds.  Also on the schedule are the Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders.  Admission is $18, racing starts at 8:00pm.
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