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Tough Day for Frantz at Evergreen Raceway
(4/24/16)- Paul Frantz was behind the wheel of a racecar for the first time since his horrific crash last August.  However, it wasn't in his modified. 
Paul went back to his roots racing the Bob Wink #21 Factory Stock at Evergreen Raceway.  "I can't thank Bob Wink enough for allowing me to drive his racecar.  I've always loved the Factory Stock division, and this is a great opportunity": Paul said.
   Paul went out for the first round of practice and was running well until the car shut off.  Paul and his crew members went to work trying to find out the problem.  They found a stuck needle in the carburetor.  They changed that and Paul was able to get on track just in time for the second round of practice.  Unfortunately, the car did the same thing. 
   Thanks to the help of Street Stock racer Dan Pawlicki, Paul changed carburetors in hopes of fixing the problem.  Again, the car shut off when Paul tried to run some practice laps.  The team went to work trying to find the problem. Just before the feature was about to start, the team changed the ignition module and removed the tachometer wire.
   Paul pulled onto the track and was lining up with the field when he noticed he had no brakes.  Determined to at least see if the car would run, Paul took the green flag.  The car ran well, but Paul was unable to race the car to it's full potential due to the lack of brakes.  Paul ran all twenty laps and finished sixth of the seven cars.
   Paul said;"What a day.  I thought we had a car that could have won. We just had a few unexpected issues.  At least we got the car to run, now we need to get it to stop.  I couldn't slow the car down so I had to lift really early to get into the corner.  I have to thank everybody that helped me today, Joe Berrocal ,as always, Pappy Herman, Uphold Racing, Dan Pawlicki, and my sponsors for allowing me to run this car."

(3/15/16) Paul Frantz and the Frantz Racing Team are "Heading Home" for 2016.  Evergreen Raceway is re-opening under new management, and that's where Paul Frantz is headed. 
   "Evergreen has always been my home track.  It was upsetting when it closed in the middle of 2014.  When I heard it was opening back up for this year, I got really excited about racing again": Frantz said.
   The team is looking for a bounce back year.  "2015 was the worst season of my career.  My car was torn up more last year than all the years I was racing combined.  The big one was the wreck in August that bent the frame really bad": Frantz stated. 
   Paul and his team are in the process of putting the car back together.  Paul said:"Zane Zeiner put a front clip on it for us.  Now it's a matter of paint and reassembly."
   Paul will be entering the seven race Modified series at Evergreen, as well as returning to his roots.  He will be driving a Factory Stock for fellow competitor Bob Wink on a part time basis, and possibly a few Street Stock races as well. 
   "I'm really excited to get back into a Factory Stock again, it's where I started my career.  Bob Wink is a great guy with great equipment.  I couldn't refuse his offer.  I'm also in talks with Dennis Buss about driving his Street Stock a few times as well": a happy Frantz said. 
   The first race is scheduled for April 17th.  That day Paul will be in the Factory Stock.  April 24th is the first scheduled Modified race.
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